Our relocation to Florida from North Idaho is complete and I now live in The Villages with my wife and Bugsy, our part-Bengal cat.  My days are comprised of a mixture of working on my latest book project, or on a newly commissioned portrait, or adding to my own list of artwork. Intermix that with shopping runs, sightseeing jaunts, visiting with friends and planning the next trip to catch up with distant family and friends and you can quickly see how my time flies by.

My wife and I met on the Internet when online dating was in its infancy.  After 18 months of long-distance romancing we wed in Sydney, Australia (my home town) and I returned to America to begin a whole new life with my best friend, lover and partner. I enjoy bare bow target archery, reading, writing, kayaking, movies, happy-hour, traveling and spending time with family.

I've always had a taste for writing but it wasn't until my wife challenged me to write my first book that my 'career' was truly born. "Killing Softly," published in 2010, was originally intended to be a murder mystery thriller but during the creative process somehow evolved into an erotic murder thriller. Needless to say it caused many in the family to catch their breath and look askance  at their wallflower relative.

At its inception, my writing career was forced to take a backseat to my full time career as a graphic designer and commissioned portrait artist but, imagination being the insatiable drive it is, I began work on an ambitious historical fiction idea. Currently in its 7th year, it has survived numerous title changes and rewrites and is now destined to be a 2-book collection, the first of which I hope to publish early 2019.

In the interim I have indie published "The Pits," Book One in my Kramer & Shadow action crime crossover series followed by "You Can Run," Book Two. "Lex Talionis," my latest publication, is Book Three in the series.

Now retired, I intend to continue writing in an attempt to quench my imagination's thirst and to meet the demands of my growing number of readers. Their enjoyment in my writing encourages me to search out new horizons with my storytelling.

In memory of our beloved Shadow (left) and Sydney (right), you both entered our lives and changed everything forever. RIP.


Greg Smith - Author



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